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    Nanchong moving co., LTD., established in smoothly2011Years10Month21Day,Is located in nanchong shunqing goldfish hill street61Number(3Building3Unit6Layer1Number)Is a collection of nanchong residents move、Nanchong enterprise move、Nanchong commodity distribution、Nanchong furniture disassembling、Nanchong piano handling,Hourly workers service、Server move with a variety of projects such as moving companies。

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Nanchong smoothly moving co., LTD 
The phone:13989199187 
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Address:Nanchong shunqing goldfish hill street61Number 

 The charging standard

A、Nanchong moving business
1、Starting at:
Moving at every car180,Outside the city according to the distance,Each additional sites' income during the transit30---60Yuan transfer fee。
No buildings from the second floor of the lift according to each floor10Yuan fee,With buildings do not charge extra for floor of the lift,Such as vehicles does not reach the designated position need artificial handling over a long distance,10Meters for free,10Meters per meter charge1Yuan。

3、Furniture disassembling:
The bed 20Yuan/Zhang
The cabinet 20Yuan/The door
Your desk 40Yuan/Zhang
The office partition 40Yuan/The work place
Boss table、The conference table 50Yuan/Zhang
(Only hurt or only half fee)

4、Additional cost
(1)Safe:Safe0.7Meters high,Charge50--100Yuan/A,0.7M-1.5Meters high charge100--300Yuan/A
(2)The fish tank:40/A
(3)The piano:240/Taiwan
Note:In the process of moving the parking fees,The guard fee shall be borne by the customer。
2、The long distance transport
Starting at150Yuan/Car,The long way6Yuan per kilometer,Round-trip tolls shall be borne by the customer。
(1)Air conditioning disassembling:1P---1.5P(60Yuan);2P---2.5P(80Yuan);3P(100Yuan)。Only or only half fee only。
(2)Cost of raw materials:Add fluoride、Add tube、Materials such as steel, in accordance with the market price to charge。
Four、Labor services
As long as don't car workers handling,According to the per person per hour50Yuan fee。

Note: 1、Cash and valuables kept by the customers themselves;
  2、Tolls and parking fees paid by the customer is responsible for。

 Service process
Relocation service process:
    In order to better serve the broad masses of customers,Allows you to move more at ease,Refer you to our processes。 The phone to accept the business(Special circumstances the door valuation) The operator asked moving objects、The number、The weight、The volume、Reservation suitable tonnage capacity vehicles,Determine the date of relocation,Customer oral out detailed address,Leave your contact phone。 Moving the factory、The warehouse、Office buildings、School restaurant equipment, etc,Company to send the salesman free to move the scene look,Making feasibility relocation plan,****Offer。 After agreed to sign the contract,Ensure that both parties' rights and interests。 According to the customer request on time in place,Every car with a blanket、The rope、The laundry list,Can be done safely and fast move。 At the scene of the moving day scheduling,To ensure smooth migration。 To discharge point according to the customers' requirements,Each object is put in place。 According to customer requirement,The valuables long-distance transportation, Properly packed. Move over,Customer acceptance,Sure no damage to the payment。
 Move common sense

Nanchong smoothly moving co., LTD  The phone:13989199187   13228256792     0817-2259927  QQ:583504442 
The  Address:Nanchong shunqing goldfish hill street61Number